Wanna See Her Speak? You Just Need $900

It would be fantastic to see Lena Dunham speak on her tour for her soon-to-be-released memoir, Not That Kind of Girl, wouldn't it? The Girls creator is smart, funny, irreverent — surely it would be money well-spent on what's pretty much guaranteed to be a delightful evening. Most Dunham fans would happily shell out $38 to go to one of the writer's appearances — that's a drop in the bucket to see Dunham! — but, what about $900? Yes, you read that correctly. Some tickets for Dunham's book tour are going for $900. Still wanna go?

The ridiculously overpriced tickets are for sale on, where else, Craigslist. The $900 ticket is for one of Dunham's Brooklyn appearances, but other scalpers are trying to unload the tickets for anywhere from $80-250. To say this is insane is an understatement, and the only thing this is doing is preventing an actual Lena Dunham fan from seeing her speak.

Dunham, social media-savvy person that she is, learned of the $900 ticket and tried to do her fans a solid by purchasing it herself to give it away. However, the seller wanted to meet — and receive the cash — in person, and well, that's probably not a great idea for Dunham.

So, now what will likely wind up happening is some schmuck who isn't even a fan of Dunham's shelled out money for a ticket he or she, or anyone else, will never wind up using. Awesome. But hey, at least they're the laughing stock of the Internet right now. That counts for something, no?