Report: Filner (Probably) Out Of A Job By Friday

We love Fridays anyway, but this is just icing on the cake.

Local reports differ on exactly when San Diego will get themselves a new mayor, but new reports say Mayor Bob Filner will likely resign on Friday. Not only did an aide film Filner leaving his office carrying large boxes Wednesday afternoon, a settlement has now reportedly been reached in his sexual-harassment lawsuit, which will allow the City Council to vote "confidentially" on Friday.

City Council members aren't legally able to disclose what exactly they're voting on, but it's pretty safe to say they're working out how to replace him. It looks like Filner agreed to step down as mayor Wednesday, but his office hasn't confirmed the resignation yet.

Meanwhile, to the surprise of absolutely no-one, another San Diego woman has stepped forward to claim that the now-ex-mayor "grabbed [her] buttocks." That puts the number of woman claiming Filner sexually harassed them at 18. (Did we mention that one was a great-grandmother?)

Recent polls show that the vast majority of San Diego residents want Filner out, with one in five volunteering to either pay for, or volunteer in, an election to replace him.

Here's footage of Filner plus boxes, plus thrilled YouTube comments:

Diana Palacios on YouTube