Beyonce Caught Lip-Syncing In Paris

The good news: even Beyonce makes mistakes, which proves she's human and celebrities are just like us. The bad news: even Beyonce makes mistakes, which proves she's human, and now nothing is real anymore and I don't know how to feel because Beyonce's unwavering perfection is the only constant in a crumbling world. A new video on Instagram posted by a fan shows Beyonce having a lip-syncing slip up during on of the final performances of her On The Run tour. E! reports that at one point, while singing "Partition", Beyonce came downstage to engage with a few front-row fans, and promptly proceeded to stop mouthing the lyrics as the vocal track continued in the background.

Maybe she was just tired and over it and had an epic brain fart, but it's also entirely possible that Beyonce knows everyone will continue loving her no matter what she does so she can basically do what she wants and stop singing is she doesn't feel like it. Besides, she already admitted to lip-syncing her performance at Barack Obama's presidential inauguration, which no one seems to remember anyway, so she'll probably be fine. Even her lip-sync fail was flawlessly executed.

Beyonce stops lip-syncing, the world keeps turning, people continue bowing down, life goes on.

Check out the video here: