NPH Does Shots In His Book Trailer

I must be completely out of the "literary happenings," because I was completely unaware that book trailers were a thing authors are doing these days. In fact, Neil Patrick Harris' autobiographical book trailer is the first I've ever heard of the phrase. And while I don't completely understand why a book would need a trailer (...) if I were to watch and enjoy any author's book trailer, NPH would be top of my list. Neil Patrick Harris' autobiography, Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography! — which is set to come out October 14 — is probably the coolest autobiography concept I've ever heard of. He's framing it as a choose your own adventure style book, which if you don't remember from childhood, allowed you to pick a version of a story and continue to choose what path you take. I loved those types of books as a kid, I usually skipped to the end anyway, but I loved them!

So how do you advertise such a legendary book concept? With an equally legendary book trailer — duh. In NPH's book trailer, he explains the setup of his forthcoming book, but instead of going on and on about it, he decides to show readers what to expect. Take a look.

First of all, NPH asks, "Have you ever wanted to be me?" in which I screamed. "YESSSS!" Then he continues to get cooler and cooler (seriously what is the limit to this guys cool factor?) by showing us how to choose your own adventure in his book trailer. Here's how his book trailer is the best book trailer ever — because now I am totally "in the know" with book trailers now — proving he is can be crazier and wilder than we thought.

He does magic

NPH's obsession with magic is one thing I love about him. I don't really care for magic, but I do care that NPH is such a big fan of magic.

He does 15 shots of "pure rubbing alcohol"

While I am going to call his bluff, NPH doing shots is pretty incredible and makes me want to buy him a round.

He juggles while riding a unicycle

Even though he probably wasn't on a unicycle, he's a really good juggler. What can't this guy do?

He does hits of helium

Because Morgan Freeman doing helium with Jimmy Fallon wasn't enough for us chipmunk voice lovers.

Him and David Burtka do Lady and the Tramp

And it's everything you wanted it to be and more.

He does the saltine cracker challenge

I tried to do this in college and lost three friends out of embarrassment, yet when NPH does it, he looks cool, and suave, and everything I am not.