Hear Morgan Freeman Speak On Helium

Morgan Freeman is often the voice of God or some sort of higher power. His voice is pretty famous, and it always sounds all-knowing, calm, powerful, and yet, forgiving. So of course, it's equally surprising and hilarious to watch Morgan Freeman speak on helium. Yup, that's right, helium. He sucks the air out of a ballon and suddenly, a squeaky, cartoonish voice emerges from his mouth. And it's pretty darn funny, because, you know, it's Morgan Freeman.

This glorious little clip comes from the genius minds who make the Science Channel's show, Through The Wormhole . Through The Wormhole is a documentary series that discusses the mysteries of our universe, like, "does Morgan Freeman ever think about why he did Bruce Almighty?" Oh, wait. Science mysteries.

At the beginning of the clip, before he launches into a segment about gravity, Freeman says:

In unusual situations... you don't always get what you expect. But sometimes, unusual situations lead to new insights.

Those words are incredibly appropriate. As Freeman speaks them, his recognizable, regaled, god-like voice transitions into a squeaky helium-infused sound, and hearing Freeman on helium is most definitely an unusual, unexpected situation.

But what new insights can we gain from this? Well, there's a couple of things we can gather, including the fact that the producers of Through The Wormhole know how to produce a pretty amusing segment that will likely go viral. We can also gather that watching Morgan Freeman on helium will probably never get old.

Check it out!