'Mindy Project' + 'Frozen' = Magic

There is absolutely nothing you can do to escape Frozen. And I mean n-o-t-h-i-n-g. From cute kids on the internet breathing new life into the movie's roster of catchy songs to Once Upon a Time doing a new spin on the ubiquitous animated feature, everyone (and I mean everyone) loves Frozen. Even, as it so happens, the biggest hardass on The Mindy Project. That's right. Dr. Danny Castellano playing "Let It Go" (it's on video below, don't worry) was a very important thing that happened on The Mindy Project Season 3 premiere. Very, very important.

Sure, at the end of the episode, Danny started stripping for Mindy — and that was its own colossal delight. But knowing that when Danny is down in the dumps, he goes home, pours himself a glass of scotch, and sits at the piano with visions of Idina Menzel's ice princess building a castle out of crystalline ice while giving herself a sexy makeover dance in his head kind of warms my frozen heart. (Also, note to self: this is a good wallowing technique. Acquire scotch, a baby grand, and the ability to tickle the ivories, stat.)

Lucky for you, I use my Vine account almost exclusively to capture TV memories that I can't bear to let vanish into the abyss of my continually disappointing memory. Here it is, ladies and gents, the pristine quarter of a minute in which Danny Castellano, like everyone with a beating heart, looked to Idina's now famous lyrical advice in a time of need: Let it go, Dr. C. Let it go.

Image: Walt Disney Pictures