He Lied About Saving Donny & It Doesn't Make Sense

If I were ever on a reality show that required backstabbing and betrayal, when my swan song came about and I was finally evicted/voted off/sent home, I would proudly own all of the things I did. Basically, I would cut the crap. So when Frankie Grande was evicted from Big Brother on Tuesday, I expected him to come clean about his game play — something that I think would have redeemed him for a lot of viewers. So imagine my shock when Frankie sat down with Julie Chen after his eviction and flat-out lied to her about Donny's eviction, putting the blame on Derrick.

Fans are very protective of Donny, and rightfully so. The guy was kind, an underdog, and had the entire house against him for almost the entire season, but still managed to survive for a long time. So when Donny was finally evicted — by the hands of his fellow Team America players, Frankie and Derrick —it felt unjust. It felt like there was little to no attempt to save their own alliance member. Frankie, who was quite vocal about evicting Donny, even went on to say that Donny was dead weight in the house. Ouch.

So it was surely a surprise to fans of the show when Frankie told Julie Chen that he was the one who wanted to save Donny, and it was Derrick that did the groundskeeper wrong. This has been a running theme with Frankie and the other houseguests, where they seem to forget that viewers know what they say and what they are telling the other houseguests 24/7, so we know if Frankie truly wanted to save Donny. And in this case, we know he absolutely did not want to save Donny (see "dead weight" comment).

Fans of Big Brother are also calling Frankie on his blatant lie (also, why throw Derrick under the bus)? Personally, I think this could be Frankie's attempt to win over some America's Favorite Houseguest votes — after all, he was very likable in his exit interview — so if he comes off as a martyr who wanted sweet Donny to remain in the house, he could seem nicer than he really was this season. Just a theory. Here's what other viewers thought about the lie.

If anything is right in this world, Donny will prove that you don't need to be deceitful to win America over when he takes the America's Favorite Houseguest title home on finale night, Sept. 24.

Images: CBS