10 Soda Shirts And Bags To Let Everyone Know About Your Addiction With The Bubbly Stuff

Soda, even with its empty calories and ability to cause cavities, is a guilty pleasure. Between its bubbly fizz, sweet flavor, and jolt of caffeine, I just can't get enough. Soda isn't considered the best beverage option, but it's ever popular. Even that '90s soda Surge is mounting a comeback.

But whether you're a daily soda connoiseur or only drink it mixed with rum, you can still dig cola culture and (I use this term loosely) couture.

Drink, er, dress up in these ten pieces of soda-wear.

The Cutest Diet Coke Sweatshirt, Like, Ever!

The blingy Diet Coke crewneck pullover will keep you warm on those cool fall days. I bet Diet Coke hawker Taylor Swift has one of these in her packed-with-pretty-stuff closet. ($49.95,

Image: Coca Cola Store

Cola Wars

Oooh, burn! Pepsi disses its rival Coke in fashion form thanks to this country store-like retailer. Ladies, you can chop this shirt up to make it more fitted and femme. Hack it up just under the circular logo and turn it into a crop top. Just grab some fabric scissors and follow these steps. ($10,

Image: Pepsi Store

Red Hot With Classic Coke

This adorbs and classic-style Coke sweatshirt has a vintage feel, thanks to the text’s font, and the red hot crimson color pretty much asks to be paired with light wash skinnies. ($35,

Image: Coca Cola Store

Forget A Coke Float In Favor Of A Diet Coke Tote

Whitney Port designed a sweet Diet Coke tote bag for Target. You can use it for beach days or travel time. Or if you are environmentally conscious, use this instead of plastic bags next time you shop at the big red bullseye retailer. You can truly shop in style. (In stores soon)

Image: Fast Horse, Inc.

Surge In Style

Surge, the Mountain Dew rival, is being resurrected. Why not celebrate with this form-fitting, explosive splatter print tee? It’s loud, yes, but weekend-ready. ($23,

Image: Surge Movement

Cola Cut To Fit

This fitted, simple baby pink tee with an old-fashioned font is so wearable on lazy, warmer days. ($15,

Image: Pepsi Store

Cherry Coke Is So Very

Cherry Coke is so very… fashionable. This graphic print, comic book-inspired tote is adorbs and sorta Warholian. Even better, it’s sold at Sears! Buy a drill and then carry it home in this. ($27,

Image: Sears

Do The Dew

This Mountain Dew tee is designed for dudes, but, hey, menswear-inspired fashion is so in right now.

Do The Dew, $20, JC Penney

Image: JC Penney

Be A Pepper

Call the Dr.? Nah, wear the doc on your person. This soft tee would look awesome with leggings or jeggings.

Be A Pepper, $20, JC Penney

Image: JC Penney

Do It Up... Again

This dizzying print tee, with its blood-red color, might be good for gifting. ($25,

Image: Karmaloop