Everybody Wants to Work With Harry Styles

One Direction is not only the biggest boy band in the world, but the individual members of the band are in high demand as well. It should come as no surprise that the band member most in demand is the ever-charming Harry Styles, king of the man bun and the head scarves. Styles usually makes the headlines individually more often than the other boys, mostly due to his high-profile relationships. Remember that time Styles and Taylor Swift were a couple? What about when Styles and Kendall Jenner were a couple? Nowadays, he's making headlines for his collaborations, like the song Styles wrote for Ariana Grande's new album. And, you know, the fact that Hilary Duff is begging to do a song with Styles, too.

According to Seventeen, Duff is really hoping that she can do a song with Styles for her new album. "I might go with an unknown or an up-and-comer just to give the song even more of a quirky feel. But secretly, I really love Harry Styles, but he’s kind of busy with One Direction—I know this—but I am a secret 1D fan." Aren't we all secret One Direction fans? Except for those of us who don't see why it should be a secret?

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Quite honestly, working with Styles could be exactly what Duff's career needs right now. She's returning to music for the first time since her 2007 album Dignity and while there was a lot of buzz surrounding her initial return, it kind of died down after the release of her first single "Chasing the Sun". Diehard Duff fans are going to listen to absolutely anything that she decides to put out, but the rest of the world might not really embrace her music if she doesn't step up her game.

Styles, on the other hand, is a member of One Direction aka the band that has a new absolutely inexplicable Twitter trend being discussed by their legions of fans every other day. When Grande released some preview tracks from Yours Truly, among them was "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart", a song that Styles wrote for her, and the song title was trending on Twitter for most of the day. Of course, most of the chatter in the trend was about how much better it would have sounded had Styles been singing it, but the fact of the matter is that it was her most popularly discussed song off the album.

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Duff has got all of the talent required to put out a good album, if you're into her music style, but she needs the opportunity to draw in more fans. She would definitely get that from among the thousands of One Direction fan girls who would flock to buy her single just because Styles was involved with it. On top of that, Styles is also himself a talented musician and songwriter, as he more than proved with "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart", so there's no doubt that a collaboration with Duff would be a creative improvement for both of them.

At the end of the day, Duff has a point when she says that Styles is probably too busy with One Direction to help her out with a song. For one thing, Grande only got a song out of him because he happened to be at the studio and locked himself in a room to write it for her before he left. For another thing, Styles, and indeed none of the boys, have expressed any interest in any solo projects outside of the group. One song that doesn't belong to One Direction is a favor. Multiple songs that don't belong to One Direction is a side career.

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Duff already seems aware that her chances of getting to work with Styles, at least for this album, are pretty slim, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her just because I feel like Duff's sound and One Direction's sound would really compliment each other. Besides, Duff originated from a fan base that was, at the time, roughly the same age as One Direction's current fan base so they wouldn't have any problems overlapping their aesthetics.

And, to be perfectly honest, I just want to see what else Styles is capable of musically outside of One Direction. The guy is talented and charming enough for a solo career, if he wants one. It's very lucky for One Direction fans that he doesn't.

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