'Hart of Dixie' Star Jaime King's Husband Is a Hufflepuff & 5 More Things to Know About Kyle Newman

We all know that Lemon Breeland might not have had the perfect wedding with George Tucker on Hart of Dixie. And so maybe her best friend Annabeth Nass is dating Lemon’s own crush Bluebell town mayor Lavon Hayes, but that doesn’t mean that actress Jaime King doesn’t have her own fairy tale in order. The Sin City: A Dame to Kill For actress has been happily married to director Kyle Newman since November 2007. They met two years earlier on the of Fanboys, which Newman was directing. They even welcomed their son James last year. So here are some fun facts of the man who stole Lemon Breeland’s heart.

He's an Arsenal Fan

I bet you Newman likes his soccer to be referred to as football and his goalies to be called keepers. Yeah, he’s a fan of Arsenal F.C. So much so that he’s got his son, James King, already sporting some Gunner swag.

Image: Kyle Newman/Instagram

He's Been Sorted

And the Sorting Hat said, “Hufflepuff!” I have no qualms against this as this is my house. Yes, finally! A fellow Badger in arms. This obviously means he is loyal, true, patient, and unafraid of toil, according to the first book of the series. It also means that he knows the giant fruit bowl painting that leads to the common room, and he probably brushed shoulders with Cedric Diggory once.

Image: Kyle Newman/Instagram

He's Always There to Supporting His Wife

Especially when she wants to pretend to soar about four feet off the ground. This pic from Newman’s Instagram is really impressive actually. King’s form is beautiful, and he looks like a steady foundation. I’m not exactly sure what this could be used for other than photo-ops for Instagram, but I’m impressed anyway.

Image: Kyle Newman/Instagram

He Likes Working Alongside His Son

That or they’re competing in some sort of typing contest. Either way, it looks like he passed on his work ethic to his progeny. Though, what a baby could be working on on a laptop is beyond me — Spreadh sheets? Budgeting? Stocks? Blogging?

Yeah, he’s probably blogging.

Image: Jaime King/Instagram

He Knows How to Spend a Night Out

If you were wondering what makes an ideal night out, that would be Settlers of Catan and the delicious crunchy satisfaction that is Nutty Bars. Night made.

Image: Kyle Newman/Instagram

He's got a new movie coming out

It’s an action-comedy called Barely Lethal and it stars Jessica Alba and Hailee Steinfeld. Frankly all of those are the ingredients to something awesome. Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Hufflepuff, Settlers of Catan, Jaime King loving human.

Image: Kyle Newman/Instagram