'AHS: Freak Show' Turns Up the Freaky In Poster

Yesterday, FX released a new poster for American Horror Story: Freak Show that was creepy — as most things associated with this show should be — but only in a subtle, "once you see it" sort of way. It wasn't the in-your-face creepy that American Horror Story: Freak Show 's new poster is clearly inspired by, with its shot of a foot that has literally been contorted into the shape of the highest heels you've ever seen...while still retaining the look of a real foot. My feet hurt even just looking at the thing.

Painful creepiness aside, it does raise even more excitement for how much of the scary AHS: Freak Show is going to bring once it premieres next month. The first few seasons of the show were always creepy — sometimes gory — in their own ways, but there's always been a lightness to them that it doesn't look like Freak Show is going to possess as much of. Whether or not this will be a good thing remains to be seen, but it's certainly a promising thought.

Plus, Jessica Lange looks even more badass than ever before (with a German accent!), and that's saying something.

Check the poster below. Freak Show will premiere on FX on Oct. 8.

Image: QiiBO/Twitter