Freshman Year vs. Senior Year Of College

They say that college is the best four years of your life. Whether that's true or not, a lot certainly happens in college — and a lot changes, as this Buzzfeed video demonstrates. Because no matter where you went to school, you're certainly not going to be the same person once you graduate as you were when you showed up for orientation. It's not just the hangovers that change; it's your whole life.

We all tend to arrive at college as bright-eyed bushy tailed teenagers, but somewhere between the all-nighters, the strange adventures in college dating, the even stranger drinks (not to mention the food), and the potentially crazy roommates, all that shiny enthusiasm wears off. Or maybe it just gets varnished off by all the caffeine. The point is, you grow and you change, which isn't a bad thing. In fact, it hopefully results in you being more mature and emotionally adjusted and ready to face the real world. Or something.

These changes happen gradually, but they happen. It's a definite fact that your senior year goes very differently than your freshman year, and not just because you might be writing a senior thesis (or, in my case, two; do yourself a favor: do not try to write two senior theses). And looking at the two years side by side is kind of hilarious.

Image: BuzzfeedYellow/YouTube