Mila Kunis was on '7th Heaven' Plus 16 Other Guest Stars You Forgot About

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'Tis the season of disbanded casts reuniting and snapping photos for social media in an effort to make the world simultaneously implode. We've seen it with Mean Girls, The Little Rascals, and more, and now it's your favorite 7th Heaven family's turn. The Camdens — Reverend Eric, Annie, Matt, Mary, Simon and Lucy — got together to show us that there's no greater feeling than the love of a family. (And yes, Ruthie was inexplicably missing).

Nevertheless, all this nostalgia had us remembering some of our favorite episodes and guest stars from the series. Many of whom have grown-up and gone on to be successful Hollywood actors. So without further ado, here are 17 actors you probably don't remember from the WB's (remember that?) 7th Heaven.

Images: WB; ABC Family

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