10 Times Ariana Grande Channeled Mariah Carey With Her Outfit Because, Come On, They're Definitely The Same Person

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Neon is the new black. Cronuts are the new cupcakes. Oh, and Ariana Grande is definitely the new Mariah Carey — or so it’s been said. The rising singer and former Nickelodeon star has been compared to the pop diva quite a few times. Why? Because— let’s be honest — they sound almost exactly alike. While the resemblance can’t be heard in all of Grande’s songs, it’s pretty much spot on in her single “The Way.”

So, how do the two superstars feel about the comparison? Eh, they’re a tad salty. When Carey was asked about how she felt about the new superstar, she was careful with her words, but didn’t exactly support the comparison. And although Grande has cited Carey as her idol, she apparently told journalists not to ask her about the superstar during a recent trip to Australia. Ouch.

It’s not just their music, though. Grande has been spotted wearing quite a few outfits inspired by the original diva herself. Maybe it’s just a pop star thing, but some of the looks are so similar it’s scary. Check out these ten times Grande might have gone through Carey’s closet. Because, you know, divas can NEVER have enough sequins.

Images: Getty (17), arianagrande, mariahcarey/Instagram

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