'Breaking Amish' Season 3 Cast All Have Different Reasons for Leaving the Amish World Behind

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Take MTV's The Real World, put it in a blender with the Amish community, and add a dash of New York City. What do you get? Breaking Amish! The cast of TLC's third season of Breaking Amish are on their way to Brooklyn, N.Y. and believe me when I say they have absolutely no idea where they are or what they're doing. The trash on the sidewalks and graffiti are just a few things that shock these Amish newcomers.

While Vonda thinks New York is one of the most amazing places she's even been, Barbie is skeptical. "Am I going to die here," Barbie says in the Season 3 trailer. This season promises no shortage of thrills, I can promise you that. Mathias, who you'll soon find out more about, is seen with his palm on a girl's butt at a bar. Bates is seen making out with a girl (Oh, by the way, he has a girlfriend). I won't give it all away but I'll just say there's plenty of drinking, partying, tears, and a heaping helping of drama. Hope you're hungry! Check out what I learned about the cast of this new season of Breaking Amish from their TLC bio videos.

Images: TLC

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