Ben Stiller Reviving 'Reality Bites' as Sitcom Because '90s Angst Is So Hot Right Now

Is your flannel shirt clean? Better get it fucking ready because Reality Bites is becoming a sitcom, and we're you just bursting with fruit flavor over the news. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the 1994 cult movie starring Wynona Ryder, Ethan Hawk, and Ben Stiller is being adapted for the small screen. Stiller's production company Red Hour is producing it, and NBC has already bought the script that original Reality Bites screenwriter Helen Childress has penned for this television version.

It sounds like the TV Reality Bites will steal heavily from the movie and will revolve around Lelaina Pierce, a recent college grad who's trying to find her way in the recession-plagued early '90s. The show will be set in Houston, and we'll watch Lelaina struggle as a young filmmaker while chronicling the lives of her slacker-ass friends.

So far, neither a cast nor a release date has been set for this Reality Bites 2.0, but what's not to love about this project? Millennials are the new Generation X, just, you know, with Internet access. What's old is new again and Stiller, who made his directorial debut with '94's Reality Bites, is genius to try and capitalize on the trend.

But Stiller, dude, can you define irony?

[Image via Universal]