Which Designer Has The Best Food Backstage?

by Rosie Narasaki

Food might not be the first thing that pops to mind when thinking about Fashion Week(s). The runway shows, the street style, the flurry of makeup artists backstage, sure — but good eats? I have to admit — as with the fashion week invitations — it wasn't something that exactly crossed my mind.

But after spending an embarrassing amount of time drooling over Instagrams of delicious-looking food-tableaus over the past few weeks (New York, London, and Milan all have/had some pretty exemplary spreads to show off), I realized that trendy, nicely-arranged food is something of an integral part of what makes Fashion Week tick. Because hey — even if the models are taken care of, off eating carbs with surprising aplomb between shows, the designers still need to provide a little something-something to impress all the fashion editors with! And for the most part, they succeeded, pulling out all the stops along the way. One designer even had supremely well-dressed handsome young men serving champagne on silver trays. Now, that's true luxury.

So who did it best? Why don't we pit them all against each other and judge on food quality/presentation? Starting from the bottom, with granola:


Nice packaging, but dude: Granola is granola.

12. At Derek Lam

Sometimes, you can't go wrong with the classics. And extra points for the adorable little message!

11. At Tory Burch

That is quite the fruit platter (and the cookies ain't too shabby either).

10. At Marchesa

Those blueberry muffins look pretty darn scrumptious.

9. At Topshop Unique

More muffins — but these get extra points, because according to @elleuk's Instagram, they're Cara Delevingne's favorite.

8. At Just Cavalli

I don't know about you, but I never met a mini sandwich I didn't like.

7. At Christopher Kane

Fro-yo?! Be still my heart!

6. At Victoria Beckham

Of course Posh Spice would have a, well, posh take on continental breakfast. Love those mini jam jars.

5. At Donna Karan

Those wraps are a veritable rainbow of roasted vegetables.

4. At Fendi

Neon canapés!

3. At Burberry

Those might just be the prettiest, most charmingly rustic sandwiches I have ever seen.

2. Tom Ford

Champagne served with a side of eye candy? Tom Ford knows what's up.

1. At Topshop

Okay, so these weren't technically backstage (they were at a pop-up shop set up by Topshop) but they were so pretty I had to include them. I mean, rainbow meringues and Homer Simpson-worthy strawberry glazed donuts? Yum.

Images: elleuk (9), instyleuk (3), glamourmag/Instagram