She & Kanye Would Make a Great Duo

When she first entered the music scene, a defiant Lorde proclaimed right away that she’d never be a ruler and that the luxe life just ain't for her, but if there's a morsel of truth to the latest music industry rumblings, an entertainer whose entire life is situated comfortably in the lap of luxury just might be the one to change the young singer's aversion to finer things. Reportedly, Kanye West expressed interest in collaborating with Lorde. Now since this isn't confirmed, it could all turn out to be one beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy that has everyone who hopes to see this happen all riled up for no reason. But who can blame me for getting a little carried away with this one?

On the off chance that there is indeed some accuracy to the whispers of a Yeezy-Lorde artistic union, allow me to prematurely ride the wave of excitement. To get straight to the point, the prospect of hearing a Lorde and Yeezus song receives all the yeses in the world from me. They'd make a great team. Other than the fact their names both reference deities, there are few reasons why they're a match made in musical heaven:

Lorde relates to Yeezy

I know, right? It shocked me too, but Lorde said so herself that she relates to his "vision" and "unique way of seeing things."

They're both simmering with emotion

C'mon, I know I'm not the only who feels the intensity of that stare. Kanye could stand to embrace some of Lorde's zen-like demeanor. By the same token, his impassioned rap bars might add a little pizazz to Lorde's moody alt-pop sound.

Much like West, Lorde isn't afraid to speak her mind

Whoa there, Yeezy. I didn't say she was better than you — I said she was like you. Case in point: Lorde's non-PC explanation for why she wasn't feeling Selena Gomez's "Come and Get It." No need to expound upon how West can relate to someone being outspoken.

They can't do a song together without a performance

This...would be inevitable. There's no way in hell Yeezy and Lorde will pair up and then deprive us of a live performance. The thought of a Lorde and Kanye performance kind of scares me. He tends to go all in on stage, whereas Lorde just sort of stands in one place grooving to her signature taser-inspired choreography. That paints a weird picture, but it would certainly be interesting to witness.

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