A Slender Man Halloween Costume is On Sale in Waukesha, Wisconsin So I Guess We Forgot About That Attempted Murder Already [UPDATED]

Ready for the facepalm of the day? There's a Slender Man Halloween costume on sale in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Yes, that would be the Waukesha, Wisconsin — you know, where two 12-year-old girls stabbed their friend 19 times to please a terrifying Internet meme called (you guessed it) Slender Man. Is rational thought just not a thing any more?

According to Fox6Now, a local news program, the Slender Man costume is on sale for about $40 at Party City and Spirit Halloween locations around the county. The "Slender Man Pantsuit" is basically a black suit that Barney Stinson would be down with, plus a sheer white fabric that covers the head. To the great shock of no one (except maybe Party City execs), people are NOT PLEASED and parents in the county are pushing for the costume's removal from stores. "I think the stores could do a better job choosing their costumes for kids to not promote violence,” local man Chris Sobczak told Fox6Now. Yeah, Chris, I think so too.

This costume might (might) be more acceptable in neighborhoods where Slender Man-related crimes have not taken place, however, given the increasing rate of these crimes it would probably be wiser for costume retailers to just leave the character alone. I know Halloween is supposed to be scary and all, but there's just nothing cool about encouraging impressionable children to stab their friends or set their houses on fire or attack their mothers.

While the stores selling this costume are probably not trying to endorse violent behavior, it kind of comes across that way when most people would automatically associate Slender Man with attempted murders committed by pre teens. Hopefully the Waukesha Party City and Spirit Halloween stores will pull the costume from shelves before Halloween becomes less "fun scary" and more "actually scary."

UPDATE: Bustle received the following statement from Party City regarding the costume.

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to family and friends of the victim and the entire local community. The local area stores have pulled the costume in question. Party City sells merchandise and costumes for all types of Halloween customers, and nothing we carry is meant to be offensive.

Images: filipefrazao/Fotolia