The PEOPLE Best Dressed of 2014 List Is Missing Some Serious Style Players, Like Shailene Woodley, Selena Gomez, And More

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A new best dressed list of 2014 dropped this week. The PEOPLE Best Dressed of 2014 List was comprised of 11 infinitely and incredibly stylish ladies, from Taylor Swift to Lupita Nyong'o to Kiernan Shipka I agree that each star selected to the list is gorgeous and wears red carpet ensembles that make me want to raid their closets.

Swift, who often veers from her signature red lips, knocked it outta the park at nearly every event this year, and Nyong'o was utterly flawless during awards season, thanks to her and her stylist's deftness with both color and silhouette. But I gotta say that the list felt… a tad safe and a bit predictable, even with the "Hmm...really?" dark horse selection of 14-year-old Shipka.

While I am sure the editors at the mag gathered around a conference table, argued vehemently, and nearly came to blows as they discussed some of the style stars who were ultimately excluded and omitted from the final list, here are seven super stylish celebs that had tons of fashion highs and were left off the list in "RUFKM?" way.

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