First iPhone 6 Owner In Australia Promptly Drops It On Live TV — VIDEO

The day you've been waiting for is here. On Sep. 19, Apple officially launched the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and people can’t get their hands on the new phones fast enough — or, apparently, keep their hands on them long enough. Literally though — the hype around the new iPhone models is so huge that, in Australia, the first buyer, Jack, dropped his iPhone 6 on live television.

That's right, he dropped the phone. Poor Jack of Perth, Australia was so excited to be interviewed by a Channel 9 reporter that he let the phone slip from his grip as he opened the packaging. As the iPhone 6 tumbled to the concrete, Jack’s face registered a look of pure panic, while the reporter let out an astonished, “shit!” Though the phone itself wasn’t damaged, I suspect that Jack’s pride might have taken a hit.

Phone Buff’s David Rahimi might've said that the phone was spared because it landed on its back when dropped on the pavement. Rahimi performed an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus “drop test” to see whether the iPhone 6’s ultra-durable sapphire glass really holds up to its promises, and the results were mixed. Both the iPhone 6 and 6 plus models shattered when dropped on their screens, but remained unscathed when dropped on their backs and sides.

Fuzz FPV on YouTube

In short, it's a good thing that Jack wasn't trying to shake the box upside down to get it open, or he might have had an awfully disappointing start to his weekend. Thankfully, though, Jack walked away with his brand new iPhone 6, and the world got the benefit of an amusing, candid video to perk up your Friday morning. Everybody wins.

On the other side of the world at the flagship Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York City, the line for the Apple store currently stretches 10 blocks. Even more shocking, ABC News reported that the man at the front of the line had been waiting in line for 19 days. Now that’s dedication. In a city where slow walkers get death glares on the sidewalk and everyone’s in so much of a hurry that they demand express coffee shops, it’s amazing that people are willing to wait up to three weeks for a slightly modified version of the phone they already have.

In London, too, the line for the Apple store on Regent Street stretches farther than the eye can see, winding down multiple city blocks and through a city park before finally ending outside of a men's clothing store a few miles away.

According to ABC News, Apple sold 4 million phones in the first 24 hours that the iPhone 6 and 6 plus were available for pre-order online. Those are some record sales, even for a tech giant like Apple.

Images: Fulvio Cusumano/YouTube, CGPGrey2/Youtube; Apple, Today Show