Get Demi Lovato's Rainbow Hair, Sans Commitment

Guys, Demi Lovato changes her hair more often than most of us change our underwear. The singer swaps out her strand shades with incredible frequency. It's enough to make me wonder what industrial strength conditioner she is using to prevent her hair from coming out in clumps. Despite recently chopping off her long locks, Demi Lovato has launched colored hair extensions with Secret Color so all of her precious Lovatics can change up their hair hues without having to deal with the requisite damage that goes strand-in-strand with bleaching, processing, and trying wild colors.

Overall, Lovato's style is edgy and rocker chick, and while she is often cloaked in black, she gets a much-needed dose of color from her constantly changing hair.

The extensions come in blue, pink, purple, and red and they have a headband construction. No braids. No clips. No glue. They can be worn curly or straight! So they are versatile and require zero in the way of coloring commitment.

Lovato admitted that changing her hair color is "one of my favorite ways to express myself." She is encouraging her Lovatics and her fans to show her how they can get creative with the extensions by doing it up while coming to see her on tour (wearing these outfits, of course).

Lovato certainly does get expressive with her locks. Her hair has been the very colors of the extensions she is hawking and while she has an army of stylists who can process her hair and retain its health, Lovactics don't have that luxury.

Here are six Demi Lovato colored styles that you'll totally want to copy while playing around with the extensions. Go ahead — be inspired!

1. Pretty In Pink

Lovato's pink hair looks even cooler topped with a metallic head wrap.

2. Even Rocker Chicks Get The Blues

Since you'd be using extensions, you wouldn't have an all over blue hue, but why not try something that gives you ombre blue ends, which is sorta how Lovato's hair looks here.

3. Knotty Girl

Here's a super practical option: A messy side braid or side knot gets a million times edgier with a kick of color. Just braid the extensions in with your natural hair.

4. Rainbow Bright

Feeling bold and like to take style risks? Mix multiple strands of extensions!

5. Bang Bang

How about faking side bangs with a pop of color? Use this pic for inspiration!

6. Surprise! Purple Hair!

Shorter haired girls can enjoy some color in a simple way by aping this style. If "LOOK AT ME" extensions aren't your thing, try something subtle.

Images: Giphy; Demi Lovato/Instagram (6)