"Twigs" Is 65! 15 Reasons We'll Always Love Her

by Tori Telfer

Our girl Twiggy turns 65 on Friday, and I've spent all morning poring over her most iconic photos: the huge earrings, the colorful shift dresses, the matching sneakers, the white gloves, the chic little hats. The more I think about Twiggy, the more I realize that her life has had a very strange arc, since she's become one of those odd aftershocks of modern celebrity: a woman who will never do anything more iconic than a few years of teenage modeling in 1960s London. "What happened to me in the '60s — I will never be able to eclipse that," Twiggy at 60 told The Guardia n. Today, she looks nothing like her legendary teen self, but the world isn't really paying attention to Twiggy anymore. What they'll always remember is the huge eyes, thick bottom lashes, blonde pixie cut, and miles of slender leg peeking out of those Mod-length dresses.

Since she's one of the most iconic faces in the world, it's hard to believe that Twiggy only modeled for four years, from 1966-1970. She's done so much since — danced on Broadway, won two Golden Globes — but her post-modeling career has kind of fallen into obscurity. If I'm being honest, I'll always love the tiny Twiggy of the 1960s best, but there are a million more reasons to be obsessed with the girl.

1. Before she was Twiggy, she was "Sticks."

"Sticks" was her schoolgirl nickname, followed by "Twigs," which eventually turned into the immortal "Twiggy."

2. As a famous model, she asked for a Coca-Cola at a fancy French restaurant, which nearly gave her waiter a heart attack.

As a model at the Paris collections in 1968, she scandalised a waiter by turning down an expensive red wine and asking for a Coca-Cola instead. — "Twiggy at 60," The Guardian

3. She had the most adorably awkward modeling walk of all time.

4. For a brief moment, Twiggy had her own magazine with the best subheading in the world. Not "Mod," guys. "Mod Mod."

5. She was so precious that Vogue writers got all gushy:

"…this modest, narrow, pastel sparrow of a girl with the big baby-grey heartbreak eyes, the angelic mouth, and the low, throaty, Bow-belled voice…” — Vogue, 1967

6. An American journalist wrote her unauthorized biography in 1968 and tried to pretend like Twiggy had written it. Ugh, Americans!

Let's take a moment of silence for that phenomenal "quote" on the front.

7. After the '60s, things got weird, but Twiggy worked it.

8. She had a cameo in The Blues Brothers.

9. She was on the cover of a David Bowie album, and they wore matching blush.

10. She also had a really strange singing career.


12. When her current husband was a mere lad, he wore a pair of tasteful gold suspenders onscreen.

It was in a TV series called "Space: 1999" and he played "Zarl." What a keeper.

13. Today, she loves animals.

14. She's back in the modeling game, and has appeared in the most amazingly mom-like ad of all time.

"Oatmeal" and "cream" are the chicest shades for moms. You heard it here first.

15. But most of all, we'll always love her for her eyelashes.


Images: Universal Pictures, Gerry Anderson Productions