Amazing Mod Lashes (Or How To Be Twiggy)

by Tori Telfer

Twiggy lashes. Mod lashes. Spider lashes. Whatever you call them, you know I'm right when I say we all need more of these lush-but-clumpy, larger-than-life lashes in our lives. These are lashes that pair better with huge earrings and champagne-with-Andy-Warhol than blazers and iPhones. These are lashes that single-handedly transform a face from regular into bold. Lashes that, when done right, don't require a single dreaded falsie.

1. I started out with a swipe of white eyeliner along each lid and down into the inner corner of each eye. Black eyeliner is equally mod if you're looking for a more intense, heavy-lidded look. I also added some dusty rose blush on the apples of my cheeks because what screams "retro" more than the phrase "dusty rose?" (Answer: "yellow rotary phone.")

2. I swiped on two coats of mascara, just to get things started.

3. Then things got a little weird. I (carefully!) applied cornstarch over my damp lashes. A significant amount of cornstarch met its bitter end on my cheeks.

4. But it was all so worth it when I applied another two coats of mascara over the cornstarch and walked away with lashes like this.

5. I know, right? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I'm pretty sure the cornstarch created lashes where there were none before. Once I stopped screaming, I moved onto the bottom lashes. First up: 8 dots of black eyeliner along each bottom lash line.

6. Things were looking modish already. At this point, I decided to try a different technique on each eye: one with drawn-on lashes, a la Twiggy, and the other with a more natural version using only clumps of mascara. On my left eye, I extended each dot into a fake lash of its own.

7. On my right eye, I applied more cornstarch. #addicted

8. I finished off the left eye with a coat of mascara on the bottom lashes. The result? HELLO TWIGGY.

9. I finished off the right eye with two coats of mascara; then, while the mascara was still damp, I carefully squeezed together little sections of my bottom lashes to create clumps. Yes, it was as weird as it sounds. But the result was a super natural, lush take on the modish bottom lash.

10. Last but not least, pale pink lip gloss (a Mod must-have) and a few failed attempts to pose like Twiggy.

I've always adored chunky bottom lashes, but rarely — if ever — tried to wear them myself until now. Because where does one wear a face full of over the top fringe? The answer, friends? Anywhere in the world, and today if not sooner.