'Big Brother 15' Invites Judd Back Into the House: Here Are 4 Things We Need To See

Thursday night's Big Brother 15 ended with a Head of Household competition that would not only send one player to the top of this week's pack, but one juror back into the house. And though we were left guessing at the episode's end, word came just hours later that fan favorite (translation: the only non-terrible person in the house) Judd has returned just weeks after the saddest eviction since Kenya Moore.

This means Friday was a great day for karma, but also for Big Brother 15 watchers who have been left with few to root for since the Southern fan left the house. But this also means Judd has plenty of work ahead of him. Now that he's back in the house, here are four things that we need to see.

The Bear Shirt

After all, it's becoming as essential to the Big Brother experience as Julie Chen. Now that Judd is back in the house, it's high time he start a forever alliance with his bear shirt, and never let it go. Why would you let those traitors wear it, Judd? Don't you know, it's just you, your shirt, and the frawgs?

Amanda and McCrae Out of the House

They're the reason you're gone in the first place, McCrae. Amanda, unable to imagine a world in which America doesn't love her rampant prejudice, booted Judd, paranoid that he, and not the viewing audience, was the MVP that put her up for nomination multiple weeks in a row. So, please, Judd — talk to new Head of Household Elissa, and convince her to #FreeMcCrae and send Amanda out the door. If, for nothing else, to allow us to start hating Aaryn again. Those were fun times.

You Win The Whole Shebang

Helen probably played the best game so far in Big Brother 15, but, as of this week, the political consultant's days are as over as Anthony Weiner's data plan. Since Andy played the role of ultimate floater (unable to even make a power move when Head of Household), and the rest of the cast is as unlikable as a hangnail, we need you to win this whole thing, Judd. For us. For you. For the frawgs.

Big Brother

Yep. Most of all, hot off the heels of the news that Judd has returned to Big Brother, we have learned that we really need to see Big Brother. Because those of us with Time Warner Cable have been devoid of Big Brother 15's scheming and casual racism for far too long. Come on, CBS and Time Warner Cable — do we need to bring in Wayne Brady to help you make a deal?

Image: CBS