Kanye West Taught A Fashion Class At L.A. Trade Techical College — 4 Lessons Yeezy Might Be Teaching In This Photo

Students at L.A. Trade Technical College have good reason to sing out "Yeezy Taught Me" because they are literally engaging in a course where Kanye West is the teacher. The rapper, who wants everyone to remember that his dad was a paparazzo and wants the world to understand that he is a married, Christian man, is continuing his 250 hours of community service teaching fashion to students in LA. Although students are most likely getting a grade for this course, it is only normal for them to take to Instagram to show why their teacher is better than yours.

West looks as though he is having a great time with his newest endeavor, even though it is court ordered. After Kanye West attacked a paparazzo last summer, he was assigned community service and anger management. Although we don't know how anger management is working out, we do know that images of West teaching students in L.A. softens our heart toward the creative genius who often blurs the line between his passion and arrogance.

What many are wondering, however, is what topics Mr. West is covering during his lectures: Maison Martin Margiela? Ralph Lauren? How to be taken seriously in fashion? I've rounded up a list of potential topics that student's might be taking notes on during class with Mr. West.


This lecture will cover the design, marketing and branding of Mr. West's $120 plain, white t-shirt that sold out in 2013. Students will analyze why the t-shirt sold out and develop another outrageously basic garment, such as a white, t-shirt, to sell for more than $100.


Abby Brack/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This week's lecture will focus on Mr. West's infamous wearing of Ralph Lauren polo shirts when he was beginning to reach superstardom. From popped collars to Louis Vuitton backpacks, the class will go through the evolution of West's style. They will also view West's interview with Sway. Homework for this week will focus on why Sway does not have all the answers.


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West will bring in his numerous Margiela masks for the class to view, and discuss who he is behind the mask that the media often forgets to cover. From his love for his wife and daughter to his unwavering battle to be taken seriously in fashion, Mr. West will give students an inside look at his life behind closed doors.


Mr. West talks about the making (and faking) of his infamous Red October's Air Yeezy 2s. This week's assignment will include tallying up the amount of people selling fake Red Octobers, how much they are selling for, and write a statement on why it is okay to call someone out on faking the funk.

In all honesty, it probably doesn't matter what West is covering during his class time because having Kanye West as your teacher is about as about as good as it gets. Only one question remains: How can we enroll?

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