Of Course 'Maze Runner's Already Getting A Sequel

In news that will surprise almost no one who pays attentions to the goings-on of YA dystopian adaptations, Maze Runner has a sequel in the works. Maze Runner also came in first at the box office this weekend. These two are connected somehow...if I could just put my finger on it...

Following the ABCs of Hollywood, any attempted blockbuster that actually manages to do well at the box office is pretty much guaranteed a sequel. We saw the weird side of this when The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones managed to underwhelm just about everyone, and somehow still managed to snag a sequel. We saw the Maze Runner side earlier this year when Divergent managed to make a decent living for itself, and so got a much more enthusiastic sequel order than City Of Bones . Unsurprisingly, Hollywood studios really like when you live up to their promises. But even if you don't live up to the promise they're often like "eh, we'll do it anyway."

And so it is that Maze Runner, which brought in $32.5 million its opening weekend domestically and $81.5 million worldwide, will not be the last we see of this series. You gotta milk it for all it's worth, after all — and Maze Runner's got three main books and one prequel working for it. That's at least five movies under Hollywood math! The next one, for those curious, is called The Scorch Trials, and picks up right where the first one left off.