This Time It's Rihanna Who's Been Hacked

Just as things seemed to have calmed down in the wake of the celebrity nude photo hacks, another flurry of horrible hacking hit Saturday. Amongst those who've had their privacy egregiously violated is Rihanna, who's now amongst those who've had photos stolen. Again.

Rihanna, much like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence, has now become a repeat victim of the hacking of celebrity nudes — more pictures of her were posted to Reddit and 4Chan Sunday morning. They were removed by administrators shortly after, thank goodness, but even the tiniest amount of exposure time on these things can lead to a lasting Internet presence.

Considering we just went through the cultural contemplation — AKA trolling, thinkpieces, and twitter hashtagging — in the days following the first huge violation of these ladies' privacy, this newest one is more than a little exhausting. The first one was tiring and troubling, this newest one just seems like an orchestrated extra prop by the hackers — a sort of "I can keep doing this as long as I want to." A power play against human decency, if you will. The general humane consensus around these pictures seems to be "don't look at these if you want to consider yourself a good person." If only that concept would catch up with the people repeatedly committing these offenses.