Janel Parrish & Her Boyfriend Payson Lewis Are Cuter Than 'DWTS' "Couple" Janel & Val, Trust Me

Janel Parrish is and always will be Mona Vanderwaal to me and even though I’m kind of happy that Mona is gone (because she was a massive jerk), I will miss seeing Janel Parrish on Pretty Little Liars every week. Luckily, Janel Parrish & Val Chmerkovskiy are currently killing it on Dancing With The Stars. Rumors have been floating around that Janel and Val are hooking up because of multiple pictures she’s posted of the two of them getting chummy during rehearsals for the show. There’s actually a picture of them kissing at the airport, which is a little odd, but maybe she’s just a flirty person. Anyway, the rumors have to be completely false because Janel and her long-term boyfriend Payson Lewis seem pretty obsessed with each other.

Janel and Payson have been together for a little over two years, according to their Twitter and Instagram pages, which are loaded with adorable couple pictures and declarations of love to each other. I would hate them if I didn’t think it was so cute, plus it’s only really annoying when it’s people you actually know. Even though Janel is busy with DWTS, Payson hangs out in the audience and tells all of his online fans to vote for his girl.

For those of you who didn’t know, Parrish is actually a talented singer, and so is her singer/actor BF. In fact, the couple has worked on multiple projects together. In November 2013, Janel helped Payson jump start his production company by performing with him and two other people for a performance called EDGES. Back in early 2012, the couple also starred in an L.A. theatre production of Spring Awakening (the pervading theory for how the couple met).

But beyond all that, these two kind of kill the Janel & Val rumors, because of all these times they were just so damn cute:

1. That time he confirmed their love

He posted this Instagram pic two years ago with the caption: “I guess you could say it’s pretty serious.”

2. And when he bought her JT tickets for her birthday

The way to every girl's heart? Justin Timberlake.

3. He’s super supportive of DWTS

Last week he posted this picture with some words of encouragement:

Here's to the one I love; my inspiration, my best friend. Today is your day @janelparrish Now go kick some ass! #yougotthis #DWTS

4. This photo couple collage

They certainly know how to have fun.

5. Or that time they went to Disneyland together and posted this gem

Regular ride reaction photos are so boring. Not the case for these guys.

6. They celebrated their anniversary with a picnic.

Two months ago, the couple celebrated their anniversary by setting up a picnic in the park complete with champagne. Jealous doesn't even being to describe my mood right now.

7. And then they took an adorable "family" photo.

Dogs are people too, OK?

8. The time they dressed up as Jasmine and Aladdin for karaoke.

…and took a mirror selfie.

9. The Way He always watched his GF on PLL

Payson was super bummed when his GF kicked the bucket on the PLL finale.

10. Finally…the time they took this picture, which is everything.

Cutest. Couple. Ever.

Images: Janelparrish/Instagram (6); Paysonlewis/Instagram (4)