Why Did Cary Get Arrested?

The wait is finally over! On Sunday, The Good Wife Season 6 aired its premiere " The Line" — and it did not disappoint. "The Line" kicks off with a bang: Alicia Florrick's partner Cary Agos gets arrested. Ouch. That's not good for business! Cary is charged with aiding in the shipment of 900 grams of heroin — but he has a clean record and he swears to Alicia that he hasn't touched drugs since he experimented with mushrooms four years ago (Season 1's "Hi"). So, what gives? Why did Cary get arrested?

Two words: Lemond Bishop.

You remember Lemond Bishop, don't you? Chicago's most-infamous (and most-handsome) drug dealer? Assistant state's attorney Finn Polmar claims that Cary, while acting as Bishop's lawyer, gave him advice on how to handle a drug shipment during a May 25 meeting at Bishop's home. Basically, the cops are using Cary in order to get at Bishop. Cary assures Alicia that the allegations against him are untrue, but he has to remain in jail until someone can cough up his bail — a staggering 1.3 million dollars. Yeah, Cary's in big trouble.

At the end of the episode, Kalinda Sharma, Lockhart/Gardner's private investigator and Cary's occasional lover, discovers that the state's attorney has a potentially damning recording of Cary's meeting with Bishop that could seal his fate. Clearly, the cops have a confidential informant inside Bishop's crew. Whoa.

How long will Cary have to stay in jail? And did he really give Bishop advice on how to move drugs? I hope that those questions will be answered next week!

Images: CBS