'The Voice' Coach Gwen Stefani Is Pretty Perfect For The Job

The Voice begins yet another season this Monday and will no doubt become a ratings juggernaut yet again. While this year we are without Cee-Lo, Christina Aguilera, Usher, and Shakira, we still have old standbys Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Plus, the two replacement judges are pretty impressive. Taking over requisite third male judging post is the one and only Pharrell Williams and representing the ladies is No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani. And while everyone on the panel is clearly qualified, Stefani is actually a pretty brilliant choice for The Voice.

She's Mega, Mega Successful

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This is no doubt (see what I did there?) Stefani is qualified to judge these singers. Stefani and her band have won multiple awards (i.e. Grammys) and enjoyed heaps of number one hits and Stefani has always been lauded as having a unique and engaging voice. She can definitely bring that experience and success with her to coaching.

She Deals With Artists Every Day

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She’s in a band and her husband is in a band. Artists are her entire life. Coaching a bunch of promising singers will be a cake walk.

She'll Embrace Quirkiness

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Everything about Stefani is unique and quirky (of the non-Zooey Deschanel variety), especially her voice and musical style. I mean, No Doubt practically led the charge to making ska music a well-known genre. Hopefully, Stefani will embrace contestants who are more offbeat than the rest and allow them to deliver some novel performances we haven't yet seen on The Voice.

She's Cool

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Her clothes, her hair, her voice, her personality all add up to some serious cool. Everything about Gwen Stefani is cool. Adam Levine might have to deal with a little competition for once.

She's A Strong Woman

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Every year, we’ve seen at least one woman hold court on The Voice panel — either Christina Aguilera or Shakira. Stefani certainly adds something to this lineup. She’s successful, she’s an individual, and she’s got an (adorable) family. There’s really not much she can’t do.

She's Funny

Did you watch her lip sync battle with Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show? Humor is absolutely an advantage here, as Stefani not only needs to have a fun rapport with her fellow coaches but also needs to become a personality singers will want to choose as their coach in competition.