8 Of Fergie's Best Hair Styles, From Beachy Waves To Mermaid Braids And Everything Wonderful In Between

Fergie has kind of been having a moment lately. She's popping up all over the news with her brand new single "LA Love" on the way, her own celeb shoe line, perfumes through Avon, and her role as spokesmodel for Wet 'n' Wild. Fergie has always been a style trendsetter, thanks to her brilliant mix of street and sexy, but it's really her hair that blows me away every time.

Fergie Ferg has the most effortlessly beachy waves in all of celeb hairville, but she also rocks goddess-like 'dos. In short, she's the picture of strand versatility. These are eight of Fergie's best bedhead 'dos and beyond, most (but not all) of which are surprisingly easy to copy.

Beachy Best

This is Fergie at her beachy best. She’s golden blonde and the waves flow effortlessly, creating that enviable woke up like this vibe. If you wanna copy this look, blowdry using your fingers instead of a brush or a comb, and blast with a sea salt spray. Dunzo.

Image: Fergie/Instagram

Golden Goddess

That’s a serious braid, aided by lots and lots of extensions. It’s more like a Rapunzel rope than anything else so if you want to do this ‘do, you might need some help from a wig.

Image: Fergie/Instagram

Fishtail Fergie

Anyone else getting an aquatic mermaid queen vibe here? There’s a lot going on with this style, but it’s really just a few fishtails wrapped all over.

Image: Fergie/Instagram

Windblown, Wild And Wonderful

While visiting the White House in winter, the singer was windblown, wild, and wonderful. The elements acted as her only styling tools.

Image: Fergie/Instagram

Long And Lush

Fergie’s longer strands are a little more honey-colored here, and the loose, bedhead waves are defined yet natural. She never, ever overdoes it.

Image: Fergie/Instagram

Total Length

Right now, Fergie is pumping super long locks with an uber cool center part.

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lots Of Knots

Never has messy, knotted hair looked so good. This is so simple to recreate: Just wet hair, make five or six loose braids, go to bed, wake up, shake them out, and go.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ombre Love

Fergie usually has some degree of ombre color in her hair, but when the contrast is super obvious, like so, her beachy waves are even more standout. The texture likely came from a curling iron and finger combing for her signature bedhead style.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images