Another Possible New 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Member Is One of Their Own

Earlier today, we told you about four new comedians who are possibly poised to fill the voids on Saturday Night Live that will be left by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Seth Meyers come next season. Now, thanks to Deadline, one more new name has emerged: Comedian and SNL writer Michael Patrick O'Brien may be joining SNL as well.

Considering that this guy has actually been on staff at SNL for the past four years, it seems extremely likely that we'll be seeing his face on our screens during the coming season. So, who is he? For starters, his Twitter handle is @MikeOBrienXOXO, which is great, and he's a longtime member of the improv team The Reckoning.

His most recognizable on-camera work to date, though, is his Yahoo! web series 7 Minutes In Heaven, which is much more genius a concept than it sounds: Basically, in every installment, O'Brien interviews a different celebrity inside of a closet for a few minutes, and sometimes kisses them. Here's one episode from 2011 featuring Kristen Wiig:


There was also one episode where he made out with Patricia Clarkson:


No word yet on when we should expect any official decisions, but with all this news breaking so quickly, I predict it's only a matter of time.