Watch John Oliver Mock Roger Goodell For His Empty, Robotic Promises On Domestic Violence — VIDEO


It has not been a good month for the NFL. The Ray Rice domestic violence controversy seems to have created an avalanche effect that brought out one scandal after another — from Adrian Peterson's child abuse case to the most recent arrest of Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyers, also stemming from domestic assault charges. On Sunday night's episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver turned to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for some answers, only to be met with vague, PR-motivated drivel.

By now it's become abundantly clear that the NFL has a domestic violence issue, but what remains to be seen is how the league is going to handle it — and whether they're even treating it as a real problem. Last week, NBC reported that 12 NFL players who had been arrested on domestic violence charges were still playing for their teams.

In response to mounting evidence of domestic violence within in the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference on Friday, but it left much to be desired. Instead of addressing what specific changes the NFL would be making, he just mouthed a string of empty verbs that made him sound like the world's first computer.

Good thing John Oliver is here to break down the press conference and inject the whole thing with some much-needed John Oliver perspective.

Roger Goodell Tries to Form Word-Thoughts With His Mouth

During the press conference, Goodell states:

After the clip, Oliver does an uncanny impression of Goodell, stating in that same robotic voice:

Goodell Gets Schooled by TMZ

Goodell's inability to utter meaningful sentences was not even the worst part. Oliver pointed out that the low point came when Goodell acted like having access to the Ray Rice video was beyond his control and a TMZ reporter shut him down by saying all it took for them to obtain it was one phone call.

Oliver quips:

NFL Players Weigh In

Oliver also presented various reactions from players themselves, from disappointment...

to boredom...

to one succinct call for action, which Oliver calls the single greatest reaction to the press conference...

Watch the entire video.

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