'AHS' Season 4 Cast Photos Prove This Will Be The Scariest Season Yet

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The fourth season of the FX hit American Horror Story : Freak Show is almost here and I am already afraid of the season. Even Ryan Murphy, the show's creator, has said he is worried this season is going to be too scary — especially because of this season's clown — of which he describes the clown's introduction in the first episode as "brutal". And while we will have to wait until October 8 on FX to be scared by whatever Twisty the Clown has in store for us, we do have an early peek at some of the characters of the season from the new cast photos.

The cast photos that FX has released show many of the characters we have been anxiously awaiting to see take the silver screen in all of their creepy, Freak Show glory. Twisty the Clown, who is played by John Carroll Lynch, does not appear in the promotional photos, but I have a feeling that is to add to the terrifying build up of his first appearance on the screen. Those characters that you might recognize are Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Kathy Bates. Take a look through these photos and get prepared for the scariest season of American Horror Story yet.

Images: FX

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