In Other News: Rolling Kittens, Facebook Nail Polish, And Judge Judy

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For most of the world, polio is extinct. While the mission to eradicate the crippling and sometimes fatal virus has been mostly successful so far, two countries — Somalia and Pakistan — are now seeing huge outbreaks.

A suicide bomb has gone off in a Baghdad café, killing at least 26 people and injuring more than 50.

Since the British government allegedly destroyed a bunch of Snowden-centric files in The Guardian HQ's basement, the paper is now teaming up with The New York Times to continue aggressively pursuing NSA stories.

Microsoft's CEO is stepping down, which has prompted the company's share prices to jump back to where they were during Microsoft's peak in 1999. Critics are pinning at least part of the blame for the company's slow decline on Microsoft's "poisonous" employee-evaluation system.

Two weeks after a Philadelphia woman's funeral, she casually strolled into a mental institution. Alive and well.

So, guess who TV's highest-paid star is? Surprise: it's only Judge Judy?!

The discrimination lawsuit against Paula Deen and her brother has been dismissed, with a settlement reportedly reached out of court.

Facebook has moved a few things around, promising that you'll now see "higher quality" posts sitting atop your News Feed.

The dangers to your health caused by social isolation are greater than those prompted by obesity, researchers are now suggesting.

Would you take a private jet to work, if, you know, money was growing alongside the grass in your backyard? More and more people are doing just that, though without the grass-notes bit.

Because it's Friday, here's a video of a dog playing dead to avoid going to bed:

thefusedbox on YouTube

And in far less cute news, here is a sinkhole swallowing a bunch of trees in Louisiana.

Associated Press on YouTube

Facebook is now selling "social networking blue" nail polish at its Californian headquarters...

Apple has released a very cinematic ad for its new Mac Pro.


And, um, it's still Friday, so take a second to watch this kitten that can't stop rolling.

猫が可愛くて可愛くてしかたない on YouTube

Somewhere, that little ball of joy is still rolling.

Sam on YouTube

Fine, we'll start our weekend now.