'NSync Is Reuniting at VMAs, According to Joey Fatone's Talkative Dad

I don't even know what to think anymore when it comes to this whole "'NSync Reuniting at the VMAs" business. First, they are reuniting, then Lance Bass says they aren't, then Joey Fatone says they aren't, and now, according to Radar Online, Joey Fatone's dad says they are — it's exhausting! Someone just tell us so I know whether or not to turn on my damn television on Sunday, or if I can just watch Breaking Bad in peace.

Personally, I'm still taking this report with a gigantic grain of salt, but it's still worth considering: Apparently, Radar Online was able to speak to band member Joey Fatone's father, Joseph Fatone Sr., and today he revealed that 'NSYNC is reuniting, even though he doesn't get why it needs to happen. From the article:

“I think it’s exciting,” Fatone tells RadarOnline.com exclusively, reiterating, “…they’re doing a performance,” as opposed to simply presenting.

Fatone confirmed that his son consulted him on the decision to reunite with his bandmates — albeit for one night only. “I couldn’t even say why he’s doing it though,” Fatone says. “Why, at this point in his life. Now he’s his own man.”

What kind of question is: "why, at this point in his life"? Clearly, Joey Fatone's dad does not get the utter significance of an 'NSync reunion after ten years in an 'NSync-less world. Justin Timberlake's music is great and all, but come on: "Bye, Bye, Bye"? Ramen hair? This picture? Nothing can replace the original.

For what it's worth, E! is also reporting that the 'NSync reunion will be happening, but that the boys are still "deciding" whether or not to do a full on performance or not. All this, coupled with Joey Fatone's flimsy excuse that he was flying in to NYC this weekend to attend "a cousin's birthday party in Staten Island" (you can do better than that, Joey) all seems to support the theory that this will be happening. Take it as you wish.

Joseph Fatone Sr. also added that he's not sure what will be happening with the performance, saying, "I don’t even know what has gone into this performance. … I plead the fifth. I would suggest that you tell all your readers and everyone on the Internet, all your social media, tell them to watch!"

Pleading the fifth doesn't work after he already, like, revealed a major MTV VMA secret act, but OK, Joey Fatone's dad.