27 Beautiful Celebrities Who Were Told They Weren't Good Looking Or Thin Enough For Hollywood

Remember how Hollywood is kind of the worst sometimes? These celebrities do. As if Hollywood didn't give non-celebrities enough of a complex with their obsession with youth, thinness and general beauty, these talented stars were shamed by haters in the entertainment industry because of their looks. You'll never believe the celebrities who were told that they weren't pretty or thin enough for Hollywood — mainly because they proved all of those haters so wrong.

Lea Michele

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Remember how Michele is gorgeous? Apparently not everyone did. According to the actress’ interview with Allure in 2011, Michele was told to get a nose job or get out of Hollywood by one prospective manager.

Winona Ryder

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The gorgeous actress is still an icon, but back in the day someone dared to say that she wouldn’t make it in the industry due to her looks. According to Ryder’s interview with Interview Magazine, the Heathers actress was told in an audition that she wasn’t good looking enough for Hollywood. Umm, I don’t think so.

Whitney Cummings

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The actress admitted to Vulture that her former agent told her she would always be the “quirky sidekick” — because she wasn’t pretty enough to be a leading lady.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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When did Maxim become the magazine version of a playground bully? I have no idea, but they solidified their status with the awful (and totally sexist) “Unsexiest Women Alive” list. Fashion icon and Sex and the City star Parker was listed at the top of the terrible list in 2007… not like that stopped her Hollywood career. She went on to star in both Sex and the City films, Did You Hear About the Morgans, and I Don’t Know How She Does It in addition to launching a shoe collection, SJP for Nordstrom.

Britney Spears

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Note the insanity of this situation: Britney Spears made it on the list of Unsexiest Women Alive in the number five spot. Britney. Freakin’. Spears. The reason? Weight gain. (God, Maxim is gross.) Spears had the last laugh, though — she’s currently rolling in the big bucks with her Las Vegas concert series and looking fabulous doing it.

Minka Kelly

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Kelly was never told she was “too ugly” for Hollywood — just that she needed some fine-tuning. Kelly admits that she once went to a manager who had her take a job in a plastic surgeon’s office so she could score some free surgery, namely a boob job and liposuction. The then 19-year-old actress took the job, but declined the surgery.


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Kesha's manager David Sonenberg allegedly told the singer that she needed to drop pounds in any way possible — despite already being a huge pop star. Kesha cites this pressure as part of the reason behind her developing an eating disorder, which she recently went to rehab to take control of.

Mindy Kaling

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The Mindy Project star’s character Mindy Lahiri is half the reason why we watch the Fox sitcom, but there was a time when she was told that she wasn’t pretty enough to play herself. Kaling was offered her own network sketch show as a writer, but was told she had to audition to play herself — and was promptly denied the on air role. Kaling said that the unnamed network didn’t think she was attractive enough to play the role she created. Clearly these folks are kicking themselves now.

Kat Dennings

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Dennings may be a sitcom star now, but before the 2 Broke Girls star was famous, she was told that she was told by casting agents that would have to fix her teeth, tan her pale skin, and basically change everything about her that made her unique in order to score roles. Things didn’t exactly work out that way — thank God.

Gwenyth Paltrow

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Paltrow was named the Most Beautiful Woman Alive by People Magazine in 2013, but even she was called out for not being “pretty enough” to portray the late Audrey Hepburn in a 2014 ad campaign. This time, it wasn’t Hollywood big shots calling out Paltrow, but Hepburn fans on Twitter. Ugh.

Benedict Cumberbatch

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The Sherlock actor — whose fan base is both massive and ridiculously obsessed with him — was once told that he wasn’t “sexy” enough to play the role on the BBC series. LOL, no.

Taylor Lautner

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Before he was known for his washboard abs, Lautner was told he wasn’t “hot” enough for the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise — after he played the werewolf in the first film. Lautner worked on his body the second he finished the first Twilight film and got to keep the role for the rest of the franchise, but the whole thing is just sort of sad.

Reese Witherspoon

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The petite Witherspoon admitted to the Daily Mail that “all she heard” when she began auditioning for parts in Los Angeles was that she wasn’t “tall enough or pretty enough” for the roles. Elle Woods would be appalled.

Viola Davis

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The new star of How To Get Away With Murder was called “less classically beautiful” than other black actresses like Kerry Washington in a review of the show by the New York Times, which was all kinds of ugh. Proceed to roll your eyes, please.

Nia Vardalos

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Vardalos told More that she was told by casting agents that she wasn’t pretty enough for a leading lady role, and that there were simply no roles for Greek-American actresses. Luckily, Vardalos made this so-called “problem” her solution and wrote the script to My Big Fat Greek Wedding which we went on to star in. As of May 2014, it is the second most profitable film of all time… and it’s getting a sequel!

Lady Gaga

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Mother Monster was criticized by the press and fans on social media during her #artRAVE tour for gaining weight. She fought back by starting a social movement for body acceptance and compassion.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Lawrence wasn't told that she was too fat for Hollywood — just that her "womanly" body wasn't the right size. A New York Times critic suggested that Lawrence's performance in her franchise the Hunger Games was hindered by the fact that Lawrence didn't look, well, more hungry.

Sally Field

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Field recalled her success following the 1976 mini series Sybil , in which critics would rave about her performance… and then call her ugly. Those critics are the worst.


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The director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, gave Adele one hell of a backhanded compliment, saying that, while she had a beautiful face and voice, she was a "little too fat." It wasn't the first time Adele was criticized for her weight in public, but the good news is that you don't have to be a size 00 to win Grammys — Adele has 10.


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Pink has a powerhouse voice and is a top-charting artist, but she claims it’s not her looks that drive her success. She admitted to Splash News that she was constantly told that she wasn’t pretty enough when starting out as a singer.

Ashley Judd

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In 2012, Judd was attacked by the media when a photo surfaced of the actress looking "puffy." The media attack on Judd's looks spurred her to action — she wrote an op-ed piece on the misogynistic assault on women's looks for the Daily Beast.

Lena Dunham

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The Girls creator and star received a ton of flack after an episode of the series aired in which her character, Hannah, hooked up with a hot doctor played by Patrick Wilson. Fans cried that Hannah (and therefore, Dunham) simply wasn’t “attractive” enough to score a hot guy. Dunham would probably care, if she wasn’t so busy taking over Hollywood. Sorry.

Tyra Banks

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Banks was a slender model when she walked the runways, but like most people, her body changed over time. Unfortunately, no one informed the media, who trashed a "fat" photo of Banks in a bathing suit. Banks fired back on her talk show, in which she wore the same bathing suit and told haters to kiss her so-called "fat ass."


Sonia Recchia/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maybe you've seen that meme comparing Lorde to Gollum form Lord of the Rings. Guess what — so has Lorde. And she doesn't care because she's living her dream.

Christina Aguilera

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The fantastically sexist website AskMen wrote an entire article on how terrible it is that Aguilera has gotten curvier since her "Genie In A Bottle Days" — you know, back when she was a teenager. Remind her to care when she's not dominating pop music.

Kate Winslet

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The Oscar winner recalls how she was passed over for roles as a teenager for being too "fat."

Rebel Wilson

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The Pitch Perfect star may have been "Fat Amy" in the film, but she's less thrilled with name calling in actual life. She called out her haters by saying that she's actually not the concerned with how hot she is — just how entertaining. Amen.