The 24 Episodes 2013 Emmy Voters Used to Decide Who Wins Best Actor & Actress in Drama and Comedy

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The 2013 Emmys are this Sunday and we're dying to see who will win at this year's awards ceremony, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Luckily, we have a way of making sure our predictions have a shot at coming true—the episode submissions.

You see, when an actor/actress is nominated for an Emmy, they choose one episode of their show, which is then sent to all Emmy voters. The voters use the episodes chosen by each category's nominees to decide who should win Best Actor/Actress. It must be tough to narrow down a full season's worth of performance to a single episode, especially since the wrong decision can cost someone the trophy, so the pressure's on. Here are the episodes this year's Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Lead Actress nominees chose, and how we think it'll affect their chances.

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