Jill Duggar's Husband Derick Dillard Is Actually Perfect for Her, So Good Job Jim Bob

It's been a solid three months since Jill Duggar and her dad-approved beau, Derick Dillard got married in one of the most beautiful, Pinterest-tastic weddings in reality show history. And when it comes to creating their own branch of the family tree, they're definitely not wasting any time. Jill's already expecting her first baby — who I'm secretly hoping has a J name to match his or her 18 aunts and uncles — and Jill and Derick have no issue flaunting their newlywed bliss on Instagram every chance they get. It's hard to ignore how adorable they are, but who is Derick really ?

It's almost as if he appeared out of nowhere: The mysterious missionary living in Nepal who captured Jill's heart... although not before he captured Jim Bob's, per the Duggar family relationship guidelines. After a little bit of research, I think I've got Derick figured out — and I like just about everything I've found.

Image: TLC

He's a number cruncher for Walmart.

This has been alluded to on the show, but don’t worry — Derick can totally help provide for his and Jill’s future baby, who Mom and Dad are already referring to as “Baby Dilly.” After stumbling upon Derick’s LinkedIn page, I learned that since February, Derick’s been working as a tax accountant at Walmart. Before that? He was Oklahoma State University’s mascot, Pistol Pete. Okay, how adorable is that?

Image: DerickDillard/Instagram

Basically all his Instagram posts are the Jill Channel, 24/7

It’s hard to ignore Derick’s love for his new wife. In just about all 32 of his Instagram uploads, Jill’s the star — with occasional guest appearances from Michelle and various Duggar children, of course.

Image: DerickDillard/Instagram

He's all about his family

When he’s not talking about his growing family, Derick’s talking about the family he came from. Derick’s mom, Cathy, is now cancer free after fighting a long battle that left her so ill she was unable to attend Jill and Derick’s rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding. And as for Derick’s dad? He passed away in 2008, but he still talks about him and remembers him fondly.

Image: DerickDillard/Instagram

Derick served missions with the IMB

As you might already know, Derick spent a little over two years working as a missionary in South Asia with the International Mission Board, a Southern Baptist missionary agency that sends people to underdeveloped countries to spread the gospel.

Image: TLC

And actually, he met Jill because he was a missionary

Unsurprisingly, his connection to Jill was through her dad, Jim Bob, who was one of Derick’s “prayer partners” as he was working as a missionary. During their frequent chats, Jim Bob realized he’d make an excellent match for Jill, and soon they started getting to know each other with JB’s supervision. The first time they met in person really was the meeting in Nepal shown on TLC.

Image: TLC