'19 Kids & Counting's Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Are Wasting No Time Sharing Their Love on Instagram - PHOTOS

It's only been two weeks since 19 Kids & Counting star Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard, but they're already that couple on social media that you hate. You know the kind: they love posting photos of themselves kissing and hanging out and just generally being adorable. The most recent? Following yesterday's Fourth of July celebrations, Jill Duggar posted a photo of her and husband Derick Dillard kissing at a Fourth of July party. Or, should I say Jill Dillard? Can we just acknowledge how her married name is basically a tongue twister?

Anyway, this isn't the first super lovey pic she's put up — there was the one of them enjoying one of their first home-cooked dinners as husband and wife, the one of them showcasing their wedding rings together, the one of them celebrating their "weekiversary" (oh brother)...the list goes on. And in general, yes, other people's love is pretty obnoxious when you see it all over the Internet. Especially the really happy kind of love that comes in that sweet honeymoon phase of a new marriage. The Dillards are especially guilty of this — after the "weekiversary" photo, the Instagram love flaunting was all downhill from there.

That said, though, to be honest I personally can't really blame the pair for showing off their affection. This is a couple who never even kissed before they got married and were only allowed to side hug each other with a chaperone present. So get it girl; good for you.

Here are a ton of photos of her and her new man hanging out doing normal things like eating together. But with the added twist of with some seriously adorable hashtags. (This one was captioned, "My sweet husband grilling our dinner yesterday. #imsoinlove.")

This one featured a monogrammed picnic basket that Jill took on her lunch date with her new hubby.

Then she had dinner, or as she calls it, "dinner with my sweetheart."

And of course here's the aforementioned 4th of July party.

Complete with a shot of their new Chacos sandals. (But mostly of their new rings.)

*Sigh* If only we were all so in love.

Images: Derick Dillard/Instagram; Jill Dillard/Instagram [6]