When Is He Going to Leave Lilo Alone?

To be fair, we were warned about this far ahead of time. I guess I just thought perhaps James Franco would realize that maybe he needs to stop writing things about Lindsay Lohan. After Franco wrote a fictional story about the Lohan hook up that never was, that really should have been the end of it. It's petty, but I can maybe understand that he was upset to be one of the names on Lohan's infamous leaked sex list and wanted to set the record straight. Or something. But he released a second book of poetry this week and one of Franco's poems disses Lohan in a really unnecessary way.

The book of poetry is called Hollywood Dreaming: Stories, Pictures and Poems and, in Franco's defense, Lohan isn't the only celebrity who gets a mention among the poems. However, "The Voice of Lindsay Lohan" goes way too far in its fictional portrayal of Lohan and makes it clear that Franco is just being, well, mean. According to E! Online, the poem, which is written from Lohan's point of view, contains the following text:

"I took James back to the bathroom."

"You know why Amy put mirrors all around in here?"


"So you can watch yourself f**k"

"He didn't f**k me, that shit."

All right, all right. We get it. Franco doesn't appreciate that Lohan wrote his name on her sex list when they didn't actually have sex. However, Lohan has not only apologized but admitted that the list was a private one written as part of her rehab treatment, not a public one meant to humiliate anyone. In fact, the person most humiliated in the whole ordeal was Lohan herself. People have more or less stopped talking about the sex list, so I find it hard to understand why Franco keeps shoving it back in Lohan's face in his writing.

"The Voice of Lindsay Lohan" isn't the first or only poem that Franco has written about Lohan, but I wish that it could be the last. Lohan has been through a lot in her life and in her career, much of which we got to see during her short-lived OWN documentary show, and I don't think she deserves to be dragged through the mud for a simple mistake so that Franco could sell another book of poetry. His other targets in Hollywood Dreaming included Anne Hathaway, Sean Penn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Riff Raff, but, while those poems range from funny to mildly offensive, none of them are as bad as the one written about Lohan.

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The real crime here is that Franco and Lohan were friends once upon a time and once upon a time Franco also said he didn't want to brag about turning her down for sex, even if they did kiss. Now it feels like it's the only thing he ever wants to do. Franco needs to find a new muse and fast because he's wearing the subject of Lohan and her sex list really thin. Then again, I was over it from the first moment I heard he planned to write about it, so that could just be me.

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