You Won't Even Recognize Meghan In These 9 Photos

Ok so let’s be honest here: At some point in our lives we’ve all hit that awkward stage. Whether it was at 12 or 16, lasted a couple of months or a couple of years, we all have those pictures that we want to burn, those memories of braces, unfortunate side bangs, and ill-fitting jean skirts that make us cringe. And Meghan Trainor, of the super-addictive No. 1 single “All About That Bass,” is no exception. The 20-year-old may be a rising pop star who rocks trendy pastel-colored locks, Coachella-ready flower headpieces, and perfectly put together, vintage-y looks today, but back in high school, Trainor had a different persona entirely. I kinda-sorta stalked Trainor’s social media and dug up some photos of a old 16-year-old Trainor I just can’t help but sharing.

I’m sorry. I swear I’m usually not this obsessive. And to be honest, Trainor doesn’t really have anything to be all that embarrassed about. Yeah, she looks totally different than the funky pin-up girl who we’ve come to know and love. But she's always been a really pretty and — dare I say — average looking teen who went to prom, took tons of (sometimes regrettable) selfies, and got super excited over meeting celebs. Well, homegirl is the celebrity now, so she should know people like me are bound to be digging up old, embarrassing pics of the past. Again, sorry…

1. Meghan Trainor With Ugg Boots

We've all been there.

2. Meghan Trainor In Black And White

Maybe her hair was pink in this, maybe it wasn't. We'll never know.

3. Meghan Trainor With Guitar

Ooh, dang. Those are some serious Photoshop skills, girl.

4. Meghan Trainor Entertains

Everyone's gotta start somewhere!

5. Meghan Trainor On The Radio

On local radio show in 2010. Too cute, amiright??!!

6. Meghan Trainor's Blue Period

That WordArt though...

7. Meghan And Natasha

Look how happy lil Meghan was to meet Natasha Bedingfield! UGH CAN'T EVEN.

8. Meghan Trainor At Prom

I'm a sucker for prom pics. Sorry.

9. Meghan Trainor With Ukulele

And of course, awkwardly posing with a ukulele.

Images: MeghanTrainorSongs/Facebook (7), meghan_trainor/Twitter (3)