Where Is 'The Hills' Cast Now? A Look at Your Favorite 13 Cast Members

Let me be completely honest with you: I am obsessed with The Hills. Yes, it was one of the most scripted "unscripted" reality shows to grace our TV screens, and, yes, the 22-minute episodes were mostly just footage of traffic on the 101, but I can't help it: I adored every moment of the MTV series. The show was perfect mindless entertainment, and I'm still not over the fact that it ended in 2010.

So what are the cast of this epic un-real reality show doing now? Check out what happened to these guys after the cameras stopped rolling on The Hills.

Then: Heidi Montag

Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2006, Montag was a reality show newbie and roommate/BFF of Lauren Conrad.

Now: Heidi Montag

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Girl looks a little different, which is what happens when you have over 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day. Montag is still married to The Hills ultimate villain Spencer Pratt, whom she wed on the show in 2009, and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother with him in 2013. She recently appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap with her hubby, in which she switched places with Olympic athlete Amanda Beard.

Then: Spencer Pratt

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Mr. Flesh Colored Beard stirred up trouble on The Hills from the moment he arrived. His behavior eventually led to the end of Montag and Conrad’s friendship.

Now: Spencer Pratt

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Pratt has made the rounds on reality shows with his wife. They appeared on the second season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and later were the runner-ups on Celebrity Big Brother. Pratt recently completed his degree in political science at USC.

Then: Audrina Patridge

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Patridge, a then-wannabe actress, was plucked from obscurity when the producers of The Hills saw her lounging by the pool in her apartment complex and invited her to be a part of the show. She befriended Montag and Conrad as part of her role on the show and never seemed that happy about it, to be honest.

Then: Justin "Justin Bobby" Brescia

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Brescia was Patridge’s on again/off again beau who wore combat boots to the beach and spewed out amazing philosophical quotes like “truth and time tells all.”

Today: Justin "Justin Bobby" Brescia

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Brescia opened up a hair salon after The Hills ran its course. Think he gives his clients the same tidbits of wisdom he gave to fans of The Hills while he’s shampooing their hair?

Then: Brody Jenner

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The former star of Princes of Malibu showed up on The Hills to flirt with Conrad… and Patridge… and Cavallari…

Now: Brody Jenner

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The stepbrother of the Kardashian Klan occasionally shows up on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (usually to fight with his stepmom, Kris) and is currently dating model Kaitlynn Carter. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a job outside of being Brody Jenner.

Then: Frankie Delgado

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The “nice guy” on The Hills, Delgado never stirred shit up. He just showed up for parties and gave Conrad hugs when she needed hugs.

Now: Frankie Delgado

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Prepare to feel really old: Delgado is a dad! The now-club promoter and his wife Jennifer Acosta, welcomed a baby girl in May 2014. According to Us Magazine, Delgado is 44 years old… but that can’t be right, can it? CAN IT?!?

Then: Jen Bunney

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Bunney, who also had a brief role on Laguna Beach, was friends with both Conrad and Montag throughout the course of the show, but ruined her friendship with Conrad when she hooked up with Brody Jenner behind Conrad’s back.

Now: Jen Bunney

Bunney is still pals with Montag and even had Montag and Pratt at her August 2014 wedding to Taylor Dunphy.

Image: jenniferbunney/Instagram

Then: Stephanie Pratt

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Spencer’s little sister attended fashion school with Conrad and befriended the star despite her brother’s disapproval. You may remember her as the girl who thinks hamsters grow up to become guinea pigs.

Now: Stephanie Pratt

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Pratt didn’t give up on her reality TV dreams. She appears on the E4 TV series Made in Chelsea and was just evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, not unlike her own big brother Spencer.

Then: Jason Wahler

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The troubled Wahler was Conrad’s boyfriend in high school who came to LA for a second chance with the reality star. He got one… and then subsequently messed it up.

Now: Jason Wahler

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Wahler married Ashley Slack in 2013 and appears to be leading a much happier, healthier life. He got sober after a struggle with alcoholism and now works at Northbound Treatment Services helping others do the same.

Then: Whitney Port

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Conrad’s work buddy Port moved on to career at People’s Revolution in NYC, which was documented on the spinoff The City.

Then: Kristin Cavallari

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The Laguna Beach mean girl took over for Conrad when she left the series midway through the fifth season in 2009. She made a few enemies, kissed a few of her friend’s exes, and revealed that the whole show was a fraud in the finale.

Now: Kristin Cavallari

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The former reality star is married to Jay Cutler and has two children. The reality star attempted to make the jump into mainstream acting, with films like Van Wilder: Freshman Year but never got her big break. In September 2014 she launched a line of shoes for Chinese Laundry.

Then: Lo Bosworth

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The most levelheaded of Conrad’s pals, Bosworth’s only real conflict came from a brief feud with Patridge, which quickly resolved. Bosworth was the show’s perpetual voice of reason.

Then: Lauren Conrad

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Conrad moved to Los Angeles to attend fashion school at FIDM. She interned at Teen Vogue, kissed a few (okay, a lot) of hot guys, and fought with a ton of friends. She made The Hills what it was: Fantastic.

Now: Lauren Conrad

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Conrad went from reality star to entrepreneur. She wrote three New York Times best selling novels for her L.A. Candy series, launched a website, created an online shop called The Little Market, and got married to former Something Corporate guitarist William Tell. Girl has been so busy that she doesn’t even need a reality show to stay relevant. Oh, and her hair still looks amazing. Congrats, Conrad: You won The Hills.