VMAs 2013 Say One Direction Has the Song of the Summer, World Says Agree to Disagree

In case you weren't convinced that British boy band One Direction had the most active fans ever, in the history of ever, the fact that their song "Best Song Ever" was just named 2013's Song of the Summer should be all the proof you need. (You know, in case that whole mass suicide rumor wasn't enough.) Up against Selena Gomez's "Come and Get It", Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding's "I Need Your Love", Daft Punk's "Get Lucky", Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines", and Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop", One Direction dominated the category. And we mean dominated.

With over 8.6 million votes in their favor, the second place Cyrus only got 4.1 million votes. Gomez got 2.1 million, Goulding and Harris received over 57,000, Daft Punk pulled in 42,000, and Thicke earned just over 41,000.

Despite the fact that "Blurred Lines" has been at the top of the charts since its debut 18 weeks ago, and despite the fact that "We Can't Stop" and "Get Lucky" are still, currently, in the top 10 even though they came out more than two months ago, the One Direction fans wouldn't let their "Best Song Ever" come in any other place than first.

Let's just call it what it is: One Direction does not have the song of the summer. Not even by a stretch. We never thought we'd say this, but Miley, in spite of her terrible VMA performance, was robbed.

Listen to so-called Song of the Summer here:

OneDirectionVEVO on YouTube