VMAs 2013: Needed More 'NSYNC from Justin Timberlake?

We knew it was coming. We had watched "I Want You Back" and "Bye Bye Bye" incessantly in preparation. So when we saw 'NSYNC rise up to join Justin Timberlake during his 2013 Video Music Awards performance, we jumped in our seats like a '90s teenager who just received a gelly roll penned autograph from Lance Bass.

So imagine how sad we were when the band reunited for just a few brief minutes, performing a few snippets of "Gone" and "Bye Bye Bye" before disappearing from sight. The children of the '90s all felt like their Lisa Frank binders had been torn away suddenly. Bye, bye, bye, 'NSYNC? We had hardly even said hello!

Don't get us wrong — we'd watch Model Behavior on repeat just to watch Justin Timberlake perform a medley of his hits, but considering all the 'NSYNC hype, we were expecting something more than just two quick songs. Where was the "Tearin' Up My Heart"? Where was the "I Want You Back"? Hell, where was the "Space Cowboys?"

Our hearts are torn to pieces, 'NSYNC. We respect how far you've come since ramen hair, Justin, but was it too much to give us a little more of what we ate up when you used to wear turtlenecks?

Sigh. Because 'NSYNC's performance didn't quite give us our fill, remember some of the band's greatest moments with their most notable moments embedded below. Starting with an actual Video Music Award performance:

Justin, Lance, JC, Chris, and Joey: "Gone" would have been much better if you'd accompanied it with its music videos' toenail painting:

You couldn't even get down and dirty, our "Pop" dudes?

Because, 'NSYNC, we really, really wanted you back.

And this performance? Well, it just drove us crazy.

You space cowboys just disappeared into space:

We're simply not ready to say "Bye Bye Bye," guys.

Come back, 'NSYNC!