Adrienne Spills Why Amy & Kat Aren't Pals Anymore

Before I could settle in and get comfy with Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck, Typhoon Adrienne stirred up all of the shit. She stirred that shit right on up. And then, it was off to the races. The former chief stew spilled to Beverly and the rest of the charter guests why Kat and Amy are on weird terms: According to Ancient Yachties Legend, many moons ago, Kat blew a dude that Amy was interested in while Amy was recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery in the room next door. Amy walked in on Kat and said dude. And with that, their friendship was no more.

One guest immediately told Kat what Adrienne told all of the guests, and then, the shitstorm began.

  • Kat was mad at Adrienne for telling the guests.
  • Kat was mad at Primary Charter Guest Beverly for inviting Adrienne to hang out on the yacht.
  • Kat was mad at Amy because she thought Amy told Adrienne.
  • Kat was annoyed with Ben because Ben didn't care to chime in about the drama.
  • Amy thought Kat pitted Kate against her, so Amy was mad at Kat and Kate.
  • Jennice was mad at Kat and Kate for moving Kate into Jennice’s room and Jennice into Amy’s room without asking.
  • Kelley was mad at Kat and Kate for talking about Amy.
  • Captain Lee was mad at the guests for turning into a pack of drunk skunks.
  • Compass was mad at everyone for harshing his awkward vibe.
  • Eddie didn't seem to be mad about anything. Eddie just seemed tuckered out.
  • Kate was mad at all of the drama because it interfered with her Pirate Scavenger Hunt.

“We’re not going to talk about it at all," Kate said when Kat brought up the Amy/Adrienne debacle. "We’re going to talk about the Scavenger Hunt.”

Yes, once again, Kate tried to make the Pirate Scavenger Hunt happen. Kate thought it could serve as a mea culpa for the previous night's disaster dinner. Everyone loves a Pirate Scavenger Hunt!

Well, guess what? The Pirate Scavenger Hunt also turned into a disaster. And by "disaster," I mean "the charter guests got too blitzed to actually give the Pirate Scavenger Hunt the respect it deserved."

This Kate quote about sums it up:

These guests wouldn’t know a good Pirate Scavenger Hunt if it hit them in the face.

As does this one:

All I want is to have a normal Pirate Scavenger Hunt, and everyone keeps effing it up.

When the guests found the first Pirate Scavenger Hunt clue, Adrienne and Primary Charter Guest Beverly promptly dry humped on top of it. So no, the PiScaHu did not happen. The guests were totally down to wear pirate hats and swashbuckle with toy swords, but they were way too drunk to do anything other than run around the yacht.

Another Pirate Scavenger Hunt bites the dust.

Images: Bravo; devil-heat972/tumblr