Sophia Bush Vs. 'Chicago P.D.' Cop Erin Lindsay: They're Both Pretty Badass, Which Counts For A Lot

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There's no shortage of reasons to admire Sophia Bush and I'm not just saying that because her career-making role as One Tree Hill & Sophia Bush's Brooke Davis was one of the best characters on TV. With the second season of Bush's show Chicago P.D. starting Wednesday, it's as good a time as ever to acknowledge how totally awesome Bush is IRL and onscreen as Detective Erin Lindsay.

Lindsay is a tough-as-nails cop that turned her unfortunate childhood into helping others and she's more or less a total badass. Oh, and did I mention that she's BFFs with Law & Order: SVU's signature lady-boss Olivia Benson? Well, she is.

Offscreen, Bush is equally as awesome. The actress is style icon, an activist, a badass feminist, and your dream celebrity BFF (if she's not already, she should be). And she's got a killer Instagram account to back it all up full of photos of her rescued pitbulls. Yes, OK, I have a girl-crush on Sophia Bush, but I also have one on Erin Lindsay — so how alike are Bush and her Chicago P.D. character? They're pretty damn similar in the most awesome of ways.

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