16 Couples Halloween Costumes To Try With Your Significant Other That Aren't Totally Cliche

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Different year, same problem: what should you be for Halloween? As if that question wasn't already hard enough to answer, you've got a significant other who wants to dress the part with you this year. Fear not — there are some pretty amazing couples Halloween costumes out there, and being part of a dynamic duo can feel undoubtedly great as long as you’ve found a costume both of you love. Start welcoming the matching getups, crazy makeup, and coordinating colors, because you and your love are about to steal the show. Couples costumes are double the trouble (and double the amazingness), so get excited. Get really, really excited.

Whether you’re feeling ambitious or lazy, there is bound to be a costume that speaks to you and your partner. Forget the pirate and wench act — you can do better. Forget Fred and Wilma, Adam and Eve, or the ever-classic sexy nurse and doctor combo. Those outfits are so tired, outdated, and boring it’s scary (even by Halloween standards). Instead, we’ve rounded up 16 ensembles that are way more fun (spoiler: there is yellow body paint and onesies involved). Just because you’re pairing up for Halloween doesn’t mean you have to be basic about it. Now get out the sewing machine, sequins, and elastic, and make something magical. (Or if you’re feeling lazy like me, head on over to your nearest costume outlet... no one will know the difference.)

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