16 Couples Halloween Costumes To Try With Your Significant Other That Aren't Totally Cliche

Different year, same problem: what should you be for Halloween? As if that question wasn't already hard enough to answer, you've got a significant other who wants to dress the part with you this year. Fear not — there are some pretty amazing couples Halloween costumes out there, and being part of a dynamic duo can feel undoubtedly great as long as you’ve found a costume both of you love. Start welcoming the matching getups, crazy makeup, and coordinating colors, because you and your love are about to steal the show. Couples costumes are double the trouble (and double the amazingness), so get excited. Get really, really excited.

Whether you’re feeling ambitious or lazy, there is bound to be a costume that speaks to you and your partner. Forget the pirate and wench act — you can do better. Forget Fred and Wilma, Adam and Eve, or the ever-classic sexy nurse and doctor combo. Those outfits are so tired, outdated, and boring it’s scary (even by Halloween standards). Instead, we’ve rounded up 16 ensembles that are way more fun (spoiler: there is yellow body paint and onesies involved). Just because you’re pairing up for Halloween doesn’t mean you have to be basic about it. Now get out the sewing machine, sequins, and elastic, and make something magical. (Or if you’re feeling lazy like me, head on over to your nearest costume outlet... no one will know the difference.)

Marge & Homer Simpson

For starters, Marge has the best hair ever. Not to mention, this is a perfect excuse to cover your body in yellow paint like you’ve always secretly wanted.

Image: Pete Lambert/Flickr

The Tetris Couple

You and your significant other will literally fit together perfectly. He (or she) is the ying to your yang anyway, right?

Image: Eli Christman/Flickr

Han Solo & Princess Leia

Han Solo and Princess Leia are the most kick-ass couple of all time. If you want to be even cooler, switch up the gender roles. We are living in the 21st century after all.

Image: Nathan Rupert/Flickr

Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

Katy Perry and Riff Raff did it, and so can you. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the star-crossed pop-lovers of the early 2000s, and these matching jean ensembles are nothing short of iconic. (I also personally believe that their reunion would be the key to world happiness, just saying.)

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell

Dress up as the ultimate couple, Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell. Just make sure to carry a final rose, and maybe throw in a few Bachelor gossip mag covers in there for good measure, just so there’s no mistaking who you two are trying to be.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy

Kermit and Miss Piggy costumes… because it means you get to wear brightly colored onesies. Hell yes.

Image: The Dress Up Place/Flickr

The Zombie Couple

Can’t get enough of The Walking Dead? Everyone loves a good zombie couple. Plus, you get to walk around making inhuman noises at everyone around you. It really never gets old.

Image: Steven Mileham/Flickr

A Roy Lichtenstein Painting

If you dress up like a Roy Lichtenstein painting, everyone will think you’re super cultured and into the arts. They also might think you have the chicken pox. It’s a win-win either way.

Image: Daniel/Flickr

Joan Harris & Roger Sterling

With the beloved show soon coming to an end, why not pay tribute to two of its most-loved characters? Mad Men’s Joan Harris and Roger Sterling are a classy act, and one worth mimicking. After all, who doesn’t love a buxom redhead and a silver fox?

Image: Chris Goldberg/Flickr

The Double Dare Team

Nothing says nostalgia like a pair of matching Double Dare costumes, helmets and goggles included. I guarantee that if you wear this costume, you will have people running up to you saying, “Oh my God, I loveddd that show!”

Image: JEM/Flickr

Alien Duo

What’s creepier than one large-headed alien walking around on Halloween? Two large-headed aliens, duh.

Image: Newsbie Pix/Flickr


People either love Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or they can’t stand them. That being said, you’ll be sure to get emotional responses to your costume no matter what. Also, you get to carry around six baby dolls.

Image: franfeeley/Flickr

Power Rangers

Everyone had a favorite Power Ranger. Now you can make sure all your friends know which one was yours!

Image: greyloch/Flickr

Harry and Hermione

Harry Potter fans, now’s your time to pull out those book-release costumes you’ve only ever worn once. Harry and Hermione are the show-stoppers here (and even J.K. Rowling has said they should have ended up together), but if you’ve got a tag-along friend third-wheeling it, they can dress up as Ron Weasley. Done and done.

Image: greyloch/Flickr

Mario & Luigi

Bring it back to the basics with the original super team, Mario and Luigi. Mama mia!

Image: Brian Costelloe/Flickr

The Smurfs

Smurf it up this Halloween. Why? Well why not?

Image: Carissa Rogers/Flickr