11 Weirdest Halloween Costumes For Sale Online, Including Sexy Ewok, Sexy Deer, And One Terrifying Giant Baby

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Everyone gets a little weird on Halloween. It's a holiday, there's alcohol involved, you get to dress up as your favorite character in a TV show... the possibilities are truly, terrifyingly endless. And just in case you haven't fully recognized just how bizarre the holiday can get, I invite you to take a look at the weirdest Halloween costumes available for sale online.

Because let me tell you, it gets freaky — fast. In theory, a giant baby or sexy ewok costume doesn't sound that scary (OK, the latter always sounds at least a little weird), but until you see the costumes for sale online, and realize that there are actual people in this world who are going to buy them, the real scariness of Halloween doesn't really hit you. So in honor of sexy Cat in the Hat costumes (a real thing) and the general bizarre black hole which is the Internet, here are 11 of the weirdest Halloween costumes for sale online right now. Er, happy shopping?

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